I’m not a mom yet or even a pregnant woman to be a mom soon but I already got plans when I become one. I’m well aware that being a mom takes a lot of responsibilities. It’s like being hired for a job with a lifetime contract, but it’s a contract I’m willing to sign.
So hello my future baby, do you have any idea how excited I am to welcome you in the world? That I even wrote this before I create you? Baby, I wanted you to know that the world you’re going to live in would be so cruel but nothing to worry for I will always be there to remind you that there will always be good things in this world and please, focus on the good ones. I hate to degrade myself but as early as now, I want to inform you that I’m not going to be a perfect and ideal mom. I may have shortcomings but know that I’m willing to do everything just to provide you all the things that you deserve. Baby, it’s ok if you like things that I don’t. Just don’t hate me if I advise you more often but at the end of the day, know that I will let you choose whatever you want for your life because I don’t want you to envy other people’s lives. There will come a time baby that I’ll be mad at you for something bad you did but don’t worry I can assure you that everything is going to be okay and I won’t discipline you in public or in front of your siblings or cousins or friends because I would hate myself if you lose your self-esteem because of that. I’m not going to overreact at the mistake you’ve done cause that might be a reason for you to lie the next time you did something wrong. I won’t compare you to anybody else consistently cause I don’t want you to grow the jealous type of person.
Not because I’m the mom, I should be the one to be respected. Let me give respect and importance to your feelings baby and I hope you learn to give importance to the feelings of others as well. Please don’t be secretive, just please. Don’t be afraid to share everything to me, I won’t blow things very big, just remember that I love you and I will always be proud of you and to all your “soon-to-be” achievements. I’m not going to be that mom who only gives attention to their child misbehaving. Please don’t be irritated if I keep on encouraging you at certain things. I just want the best for you, I mean what I think is the best for you. You’re still the one who knows what would be best for yourself. They said that moms know best? No, don’t listen to them. Just wanted to inform you that there will always be someone who will judge you, your world is going to be full of judgmental-hypocrite creatures and I wish I could block them along your way. Don’t listen much to negativity and to those people who are going to degrade you, just don’t let them destroy your inner peace. You know what you’re capable and what you’re not, don’t let their words of humiliation be your reality. If they ever doubted your strengths, just don’t pay it in any mind instead use it as a fuel to prove them wrong.

To wrap it up, I will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. There are still a lot of things you should know but I’ll just tell it to you once you’re here. You will be the best gift that God will bless me, next is your dad which as of this moment I don’t have any idea who he is. I will love you till my last breathe. I’ll see you in time.

8 thoughts on “To My Future Child

  1. Hello! I am a mother of two and my kids are my entire world!! Many of my future blogs will be about how I handle life and motherhood! Being a mom is such a great joy. I really enjoyed your post! Your future baby will have a great mom.

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  2. I am a mother of two! My blogs with be about how I handle everyday life and motherhood. I really enjoyed reading your post, it was great. My kids are my everything! And it sounds like your future child with have an awesome mom!


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